Do Firm Mattresses Get Softer? What You Have To Know


Chances are if you are reading this, you have just gotten a new mattress. You should be excited, but you can’t help noticing that the mattress seems too firm for you to actually enjoy it and get a good nights rest.

Do firm mattresses get softer?

Yes, they oftentimes do, and we are going to take a look today at why and what you can do to speed up this process. Let’s take a look.

Your Mattress May Just Need To Be Broken In

do firm mattresses get softer

If you have just received your mattress and it appears to be too firm, this is a good sign – it usually means that your mattress just needs to be broken in.

Spend some time on the mattress, putting pressure on different points throughout the mattress, and even try to walk on it to make it soften up.

Additionally, rotate your mattress more frequently than usual and you will find that within a few nights your new mattress will start to soften up, thus creating a much more comfortable sleeping environment.

Make The Mattress Warmer

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If your mattress is new, it may be firmer than usual because it is cold in your room, or was exposed to frigid outside conditions when being delivered. If so, give your mattress time to acclimate to the temperature in your room – it will eventually start to soften up.

That being said, if you have an older mattress and it is still hard, make sure your room is warm enough! Mattresses, especially memory foam mattresses, do not tolerate the cold. They will become firm and uncomfortable.

Turn up the heat in your room and it will drastically help. Additionally, you can spend some time rolling around in your bed, thus allowing your body heat to warm up the mattress and make it softer.

Add A Mattress Topper

If your mattress is not new and you find it to be too hard, consider adding a mattress topper or soft mattress protector. A quality mattress pad can drastically improve the comfort of your mattress by “padding” the area between you and the mattress.

A comfortable mattress topper that can drastically improve the comfort of your current mattress.

Rotate Your Mattress More Often

If you are sleeping on an older mattress and find that it is becoming more and more stiff and uncomfortable, try rotating your mattress.

In general, you should be rotating your mattress at least every three months, but possibly more if you have an older mattress (5+ years). Use your judgment if you find your mattress needs more rotating than this.

Looking for an easy way to remember when to rotate your mattress? Here is a great system to make thing easier.

  • Start of the New Year? Rotate your mattress.
  • Happy April Fools Day! Time for your second rotation.
  • It’s July Fourth! Celebrate by rotating your mattress.
  • It’s early October and it’s getting chilly out there! Make sure your bed is ready for fall by doing one last rotation.

Rotating, in case you need clarification, meanings rotating the mattress 180 degrees so that the previous top of the mattress is now the bottom. Rotating will significantly lengthen the lifespan of your mattress and make it much more comfortable.

Nearly all mattresses will benefit from this but check with your specific mattress manufacturer to make sure. Some air mattresses may not need to be flipped, but others do, so read the directions carefully.

Remember That Not Every Mattress Needs To Be Flipped

do firm mattresses get softer

Back ten or twenty years ago, it was common to both rotate and flip your mattress every three months or so. Nowadays, with advancements in technology, most mattresses no longer need to be flipped.

If you have been flipping your mattress, this may be why it feels so uncomfortable – you’re sleeping on a side that is not meant to be slept on!

Nowadays, the only mattresses that need to be flipped are innerspring mattresses, usually ones that do not have a built-in pillow top. Memory foam, gel memory foam, and built-in pillow top innerspring mattresses generally do not need to be flipped.

Keep in mind that this is just a rule of thumb, so check with your manufacturer for specific directions.

Look At Your Foundation

do firm mattresses get softer

If your mattress feels too firm, uneven, or uncomfortable it is recommended that you take a serious look at your foundation. If you are using a box spring, make sure you rotate it every six months.

If you are using a traditional bed frame, inspect it and look for slats that are damaged, warped, or have fallen off. These may need replacing. If you are using an adjustable base, make sure that it is functioning properly and is even.

Also, keep in mind that we never recommend putting your mattress directly on the floor. It can be tempting to do so since it saves money, but it does not offer any support, thus leading to an uncomfortable sleeping regimen and can lead to the mattress wearing out more quickly.

Having a proper foundation is one of the most important things you can do to make sure that your mattress is comfortable and lasts for a long time.

Do I Still Need To Rotate My Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses should never be flipped, but they still need rotation.

This is a common misconception that unfortunately, many new memory foam mattress owners have.

Advancements in mattress technology have made the need to rotate your memory foam mattress less important, but yes, you still need to rotate your mattress every three months.

Keep in mind that memory foam mattresses should never be flipped, but they still need rotation.

Technology is always advancing and perhaps one day there will be “no flip” mattresses put on the market, but for now, it is still a necessity.

Why Is My New Mattress So Firm?

Just like anything else, it may take time for you to “break in” your new mattress. This is especially true for mattresses that are delivered intact – oftentimes they have come straight from a factory or showroom and need to be broken in.

For most people, this is the most likely scenario. Give it time and keep in mind and implement the advice in this article and you will be sleeping comfortably in no time.

It is also worth considering that perhaps you have picked a mattress that is simply too firm for you. If this is the case, check your warranty and see if there is a way to exchange your new mattress for a plushier substitute.


Do firm mattresses get softer? Yes, oftentimes they get softer on their own if they are new. However, as you can see from the contents of this article, there are also a number of easy to implement things you can do to help make your mattress much soft and pleasant. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article.